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Well, in the last few months I have achieved so much…from joining a cruiseship to simply eating prawns!!

I have never been a prawn fan, never liked the look of them so never tried them!
But today, at Mozarts Restaurant in Funchal, Madeira I had a fresh mushroom and prawn risotto which was delicious!

To me this is a massive step for me, I have always been afraid of trying new food but seeing as I’m away I’m keen to try new things…so prawns are my latest thing…
The best thing was…the three course meal came with free champagne and wine woohoo!! Bonus!! €37 well spent me thinks!!


Big girl in a VERY big world

So my journey started on the 6th December 2013, leaving the delightful Cornwall for bigger and better adventures!

To be honest I was shitting myself! I always saw myself as a home bird never leaving but I would never look back!!
The first week was petrifying but once I got settled in I was loving it.

My new ‘home town’ is Tenerife, okay it’s not my home town but on every turn around day this is where we port!

I have visited many countries in the 1st month of travelling and my god it’s been an eye opener!
From well off countries to third world it makes you realise how lucky we all are back home!!
Gambia for one was a huge eye opener…they have nothing, barely a roof over their heads yet they are happy…kids these days kick off for not having the latest technology in England!!

Hopefully this adventure will make me appreciate home a lot more!


It’s all about me…

So here I am, starting up a blog in sunny La Palma, WHY? Because I want to keep record of all the places I have visited and are about to visit!

So why am I in La Palma?
Last summer something clicked that I needed to get out of my home town Penzance, as I wasn’t very happy with where I was working or where my life was leading!

So I googled cruiseship jobs, applied not thinking I’d ever get it! And 8 weeks later I was in Tenerife airport waiting to start my new life, new adventure and new career.

Being 24 with no ties, no commitment it seemed like the perfect idea 🙂

It’s the best thing I have ever done!!